Get The Most Out Of Your Iphone With This Advice

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There is plenty of information available to help you use your iphone to its maximum capabilities. Keep reading to learn great things you can do with an iphone.

It is not uncommon to drop your phone in the toilet, the toilet or something wet. Rather than using a dryer, softly wipe the phone and submerge it in a plastic ziptop bag with plenty of rice.

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Get a keyboard to make the most of your iphone. The iphone has a larger keyboard. Simply turn your iphone horizontal and press the Safari address bar!

A protective screen protector is a wise investment for your iphone. Without such a protective device, it can become scratched. Just a tiny speck of grime on your hand may harm the screen.

You can take photos with the cord from your headphones to take an iphone photo.Begin by focusing the picture you want to capture. When you are ready to take the photograph, depress the button your cord. This will then take the photograph. You can then save your picture like you normally would.

Are there umlauted or accented letters you would like to use in your texts? A box will appear with some extra keys should pop up. You can type whatever you want!

Have you ever lost out on snapping a great photo because the camera app was too slow to bring up? Try this easy shortcut. Tap on the Home button when your screen is locked.A little camera icon should be seen close to the bottom on your screen. Tapping this button will enable the iPhone’s camera.

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If you would like to save a picture, just press and hold it on the screen. You can save images to the Camera Roll on your camera’s images. You can also choose to copy it into a message.

If your phone freezes and does not respond to Wake/Sleep, try doing a hard reset so you can get back in working order. Hold down the button and the Home key at the same time.The phone should shutdown and restart as a signal that everything is working fine once again.

Turn keyboard clicks “on” so that you can hear clicks as you type on the keyboard. This will let you limit the number of mistakes you make when typing.

This feature comes in handy for cumbersome email addresses or common phrases such as “How are you” and This shortcut feature can be accessed under the iPhone’s keyboard settings.

A great iphone tip is to select your phone shine. The default ringtones are unoriginal and makes you will probably think your iphone is ringing when someone else has the same ringtone. You can either upload a favorite tune or an audio byte you enjoy. This will set your phone.

If you’ve just dropped you phone in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. Dry the outside well and let the any internal moisture evaporate.You can short circuit the phone by activating it when wet.

Your iPhone’s calander can be a great to help you organize your life. You can make it more efficient by directly adding events instead of always using the + button.When in an individual day of the calendar, tapping and holding on any hour will automatically create a new event for that time. You have more time for other things!

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You are able to take a photo with one hand when using your device. You do not sacrifice quality of your pictures this way.

The iphone has an integrated dictionary as a standard feature that is quite comprehensive. You can take advantage of this tool in pretty much any app. Simply hold your finger down on any word and choose “Define” from the list of options that appears.

You should be using your iphone to send valued pictures to all of your family and friends. You can do this by following either of two ways. You can either attach the image file to an email that you send, or you can use the Facebook application in order to upload your picture.

It can be quite confusing if you name each account the same thing. So to separate each account and make it simple to find what email you are using when you are looking through your mail.

In your email inbox, swiping your fingertip over a message(similar to crossing something from a list) will make the delete button come up which can be used to immediately eliminate it.

If you know that you will not watch videos a second time, you should probably clear it out of your iPhone’s memory. This will help you to save on your phone.

It can be tough to scroll through a smaller window in Safari from your iphone. You may inadvertently find yourself scrolling through the larger webpage. Then use two fingers to scroll instead of one when scrolling through the list.

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You can also get to the weather application by looking under the notifications screen.

Shut off or disable wireless radio functions on your iphone if you aren’t using.Even if you are not using them, they still drain battery power and can shorten the intervals between recharges. Wireless radios include GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi. When not in use, turn them off.

Now that you have read the piece above, you ought to be comfortable with many of the best features the iphone offers. Apply the information gained here, and you can get the most out of your device and gain a desire to learn additional tricks. Incorporate the information you have learned and teach your friends.

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